Your feedback

The RegioJet company places great emphasis on the quality of travelling. We welcome if you contact us and tell us your experience and wishes..

On board of yellow RegioJet trains and buses, we offer on-board entertainment services of the highest possible standard as well as the crew presence to make your domestic and international travels enjoyable. Your feedback represents an important source of information and chances to improve our services - our customer service centre together with the company management deal with it.

Praise, claims, suggestions

1) By e-mail, phone or by filling in the Write to the director form

  • You can send praise, claims, and suggestions (how to improve our services) to
  • Another way is to fill in and submit this form: Write to the director.
  • You can also contact us on the +420 222 222 221 phone number during working hours from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
If you are evaluating/praising/making a claim regarding our services/product, always specify:
  • number of your ticket
  • date of journey, and route
  • detailed description of the situation

Our customer service staff will contact you by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. Additional information or documents may be required, and you will be informed about further procedure. You will get an answer within 30 days at the latest, but it is our aim to solve everything in the shortest possible period of time.

2) Personally at RegioJet / STUDENT AGENCY branches or by post

If no above mentioned way suits you, you can write praise, claim or suggestion directly at our points of sale, or sent in a registered letter to the following address:

Zákaznické oddělení dopravy
Dům pánů z Lipé, náměstí Svobody 17
602 00 Brno

To make the processing faster, we recommend sending a copy of your ticket and this filled-in form

Evaluation of services

1) Using an e-questionnaire

After you complete your route, we will automatically send you an e-questionnaire where you can have your say regarding the quality of our service. Credit ticket owners can evaluate our services after logging in, in the list of bookings, right at the completed route (applies to all routes).

E-questionnaires are primarily used for internal purposes - to collect statistical data, and as a basis for improving services and the assessment of employees. If you do not want just to evaluate, but still have queries, contact us in the wy shown in the Praise, claims, suggestions.

2) By sending an e-mail to

Loss and damage of personal belongings and luggage

If your personal belongings or luggage get damaged or lost, do not hesitate to contact us via these channels.

Recommendations for travelling with us

  • Luggage in the luggage space should be clearly marked so that they do not get mistakenly taken by another passenger or lost.
  • If the luggage gets damaged or lost, it is necessary to inform the train or bus crew about it immediately, and fill in the Luggage loss/damage form. The copy of the form has to be sent by e-mail to:, or by post to:

Zákaznické oddělení dopravy
Dům pánů z Lipé, náměstí Svobody 17
602 00 Brno