Our stewardesses and stewards are waiting for you…



A member of our train crew welcomes passengers in each carriage. They assist during boarding; they can help you find your seat or store your luggage. Other than that, the scope of services will vary based on your class.

As for the Business, Relax, Standard and Standard ASTRA classes and sleeping cars:

Stewards and stewardesses
stewards and stewardesses check tickets and accompanying documents, if any;

Rajec bottled water
distribute Rajec bottled water as part of the boarding services;

offer headphones for the on-board entertainment system;

Daily newspapers
offer daily newspapers and magazines;

Hot and other beverages
serve hot and other beverages;

take and serve orders from the on-board menu.

In the Low Cost class, stewards and stewardesses only check tickets and accompanying documents, if any; no other services are available.

Service is provided in the Business class first, followed by other classes. Situation may arise when one steward(ess) is in charge of several carriages, and we thank you for your patience. Passengers hereby acknowledge the fact that the provision of above-standard services as advertised is at the carrier’s election, and the conclusion of the contract of carriage does not establish any right to these above-standard services. Services are not provided in the event of adverse circumstances or due to a lack of time.

Current antiCOVID precautions: Let’s protect our health together

It is mandatory to wear a protective mouth and nose cover on board of RegioJet trains and buses. We will try to make your travel as pleasant as possible despite the mandated hygiene measures. Don't worry, we still provide full service on board. Mouth and nose cover may be taken off when consumating beverages or food. Pursuant to the ordinance of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, these precautions enter into force on September 1st 2020.

Service on board

Service on board

Service on board

Service on board