Sleeping cars – full-fledged rest during your trip

Welcome to the RegioJet Prague – Ostrava – Žilina – Košice night train.

Passengers travelling in the sleeping cars can enjoy undisturbed rest on a bed or lounger. The couchette and berth compartments differ in the number of beds and bedding. The berth compartment provides more privacy (3 people), and each one has a bed and a separate sitting area. The seats in the couchette car (6 people) are unfolded before the night with the help of the on-board staff. The beds are made up by the passengers themselves from the prepared

RegioJet trains only serve high-quality refreshments at reasonable prices. The croissants are popular but those who love sushi will find what they want as well. If you are feeling peckish or want to satisfy your sweet tooth choose from our dessert menu or snack bar (except the Low cost tariff).

We offer

  • Bed and Couchette Carriages are available on trains RJ 1021 Praha-Košice and RJ 1020 Košice-Praha
  • For purchase: hygiene pack 3.2 € luggage security lock 1.2 €

Night mode

On this train, the night mode starts at 0:40 and ends at 4:50 (stops Zilina-Pardubice), meaning the staff does not serve meals or drinks from the on-board menu, the security service passes through the train and these are also quiet hours - it is forbidden to disturb and harass other passengers.

RJ 1021 Prague–Olomouc
RJ 1021 Spišská Nová Ves – Košice
RJ 1020 Košice–Žilina
RJ 1020 Pardubice–Prague

RJ 1021 Olomouc – Spišská Nová Ves
RJ 1020 Žilina–Pardubice

Berth compartment


  • Max. 3 people: 3 seats and 3 beds
  • Coupe choice: a bed for men or women (mixed coupe) / on selected trains: a bed for women (in the coupe only for women) / a bed – own coupe (reservation of the whole coupe)

Couchette cars

  • Up to 6 people – the type of sleeping car is chosen when booking: Sleeping car – Couchette


After boarding

  • Rajec bottled water
  • daily newspapers and magazines (CZ, SK)
  • entertainment portal (headphones for rent)
  • wake-up service
  • security service
  • bedding
  • 100% apple juice*
  • american coffee
  • fresh mint tea*
  • sweet gift**

Breakfast for Berths

  • 100% orange juice Rio
  • percolated coffee
  • set breakfast

Breakfast for Couchettes

  • percolated coffee
  • fresh croissant

At the station

 On-board services

  • Change or cancel a ticket 6 hours before leaving for free.
  • Helping passengers board the train, helping them find a seat on request and helping store your luggage in the designated areas, providing information.
  • Service in your seat – free daily newspapers, magazines (CZ, SK) and selected drinks. Refreshments from the on-board menu*** (except the Low cost tariff).
  • Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility and orientation. Passengers with a ZTP (invalidity) ticket can use the mobile platform to make getting off and on easy.
  • Public WiFi „Regiojet - zluty“ and an entertainment portal where you can watch movies and news, listen to music, read books, play games.

* After leaving Prague; after leaving Kysak (going to Prague)
** Applies only to Berth compartment
*** Refreshments can be paid in cash in Czech crowns or Euros (on international train lines). The passenger acknowledges that the possible provision of the advertised extra services is entirely at the discretion of the carrier, and the passenger is in no way entitled to the provision of these services by entering into the contract.