Quiet compartment at Business and Standard class – an undisturbed journey

We offer

  • Restricted use of mobile phones, music etc.
  • Reservation of seats 1-6 with Standard* tariff or 1-4 with Business* tariff
  • Not recommended for children under 15

Change or cancel a ticket 15 min. before leaving for free.

Helping passengers board the train, helping them find a seat on request and helping store your luggage in the designated areas, providing information.

Service in your seat – free daily newspapers, magazines (CZ, SK) and selected drinks. Refreshments from the on-board menu (except the Low cost tariff).

Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility and orientation. Passengers with a ZTP (invalidity) ticket can use the mobile platform to make getting off and on easy.

Public WiFi „Regiojet - zluty“ and an entertainment portal where you can watch movies and news, listen to music, read books, play games.

* FREE service, see Standard or Business tariff.