Fun&Relax – without a steward/stewardess

Comfortable travelling with the yellow Fun&Relax bus with premium equipment. The modern interior is equipped with leather adjustable seats and small tables, safety belts and built-in screens for watching films, listening to music or playing games. Free Wi-Fi is available. Our experienced and reliable drivers will secure a safe drive. The journey is organised without a stewardess or a steward. The equipment includes, of course, also air conditioning and a toilet.

We offer

  • high-capacity air-conditioned coach
  • interior in pleasant and modern design
  • adjustable seats with built-in LCD screens
  • fast Wi-Fi connection to the most modern 4G LTE network
  • socket 230 V for each double-seats
  • USB connector in some coaches
  • spacious tables for work and fun
  • toilet

For free

  • Wi-Fi on board throughout the whole journey
  • headphones to borrow
  • the Žlutý magazine (the Yellow magazine)

Services on board

  • public Wi-Fi network „Regiojet-zluty“ („Regiojet - yellow“)
  • entertainment system – watch films and series, listen to music or play games on the built-in LCD display

Extras in the ticket



Free Wi-Fi  Touchscreen  Socket 230 V  Air conditioning  Headphones to borrow  E-books  Games  Movies  Music

Passenger acknowledges that providing extra benefits like free hot'n'cold drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi connection, entertainment system, newspapers, steward/ess on board and more advertised services are in the competence of the carrier. The passengers are by the conclusion of the transport contract not entiled to have them provided. In case of unexpected or adverse impact are those services not provided.