Services on board of buses

Try the unusual experience packed with entertainment yourself!

Travel by luxury RegioJet buses in the Fun&Relax style. RegioJet are easily recognizable at first sight. Their typical yellow colour and unusual look catch everyone's eye even on a highway. However, the real surprise is right inside. Quality equipment of the highest possible standard, and service on board are matters of course for us - a steward/ess on board, modern air-conditioned environment, screening films, listening to audio tracks or radio, FREE Wi-Fi, free hot beverages, and other refreshments at friendly prices, FREE dailies and magazines, leather, adjustable seats with a little table, safety belts, and - of course - a toilet.

Doing our best to make travelling enjoyable

The ŽLUTÝ (YELLOW) magazine as well as dailies and various magazines are available on board for FREE. And you can keep them after arrival at the destination. You can watch a film or listen to music during the journey - the steward/ess will give you headphones soon after departure so that you can listen to music, radio, soundtrack of the current film. Headphones are packed hygienically, and the steward/ess is ready to help if you need assistance with using them. Headphone controls are at each seat.

An individual touchscreen at the back of each seat

  • Individual entertainment on board - according to the client's wishes.
  • Possibility to watch app. 50 feature films as well as 50 more short films or spots. The client decides what to watch, when to pause viewing, and when to restart it.
  • Possibility to play electronic games, individually or as an interaction with another passenger on board.
  • Listening to music in MP3.
  • Watching TV channels on the territory of the Czech Republic – the offer includes: ČT24, ČT4 Sport, TV PRIMA, and Óčko.
  • an interactive screen with the instruction menu, and the offer of RegioJet buses board services.

More robust Wi-Fi signal

  • Our Wi-Fi network is called "REGIOJET – ŽLUTÝ" and is not password-protected or encrypted.
  • RegioJet is the first bus operator to combine the UMTS and CDMA technologies for more stable reception of the Internet signal for passengers. This solution is the know-how of Student Agency, provider of RegioJet buses.
  • Wi-Fi connection is available on the territory of the Czech Republic, and is available to passengers on board of buses for free.
  • A new offer: clients can see the screen of the RegioJet board intranet with information about services and products of Student Agency (provider of RegioJet buses).
  • WI-FI is available on all domestic lines.

Services on board of buses

Hot drinks Daily press Stewardess Cold drinks Free Wi-Fi Socket 230 V Air conditioning Touchscreen Headphones to borrow E-books Games Movies Music


Price list of beverages and rerreshments on board of buses

Coffee, coffee with milk, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea FREE
Kofola original 0.5 l 15 CZK 0.6 EUR* 0.5 GBP*
Bravo orange 0.5 l 18 CZK 0.7 EUR* 0.6 GBP*
Nativa green tea with lemon 0.5 l 18 CZK 0.7 EUR* 0.6 GBP*
Rajec spring water 0.75  l 12 CZK 0.5 EUR* 0.4 GBP*
Litovel Premium beer 0.33 l 20 CZK 0.8 EUR* 0.7 GBP*
Croissant 7Days 60 g (cocoa, vanilla, vanilla+strawbery flavours) 13 CZK 0.5 EUR* 0.4 GBP*
Jerky dried meat 25 g (more kinds) 40 CZK 1.6 EUR* 1.5 GBP*
Corny Big müsli bar 50 g (banana+choc, cranberries, nuts+almonds) 17 CZK 0.7 EUR* 0.6 GBP*
Bohemia Crispers 65 g (peanuts in coating - more kinds) 24 CZK 1.0 EUR* 0.9 GBP*
Harribo gummy bears 100 g 20 CZK 0.8 EUR* 0.7 GBP*
* EUR and GBP currencies are accepted on certain international lines only