Comfort in RegioJet trains and buses even for immobile passengers

On the boards of our trains, we also welcome those who may find traveling more complicated. In the case of train sets, we install portable platforms in order to handle convenient and safe boarding for PRM customers. In yellow buses, a transport of wheelchair is naturally free of charge.


Persons with reduced mobility in trains

You can find railway vans that are equipped with a portable platform in the reservation system marked with a wheelchair symbol (see the picture). Usually, they are in the vans of Standard class. When booking a seat, check vans no. 3 and 6, where the platforms are most often located.

For technical reasons, it is possible to carry passengers only on wheelchairs that do not exceed a width of 60 cm and a total weight of 300 kg (incl. client). Unfortunately, we have no capability to transport electric wheelchairs. Please note that we operate standard express train vans that are not low-floor and the movement of persons with reduced mobility on board of trains may be limited. At the same time, there are no specific spots for wheelchairs in trains so passengers must move to a regular seat.

To secure transportation, it is necessary to comply with the following deadlines according to the particular boarding and departure station. Please take into account that in case of non-compliance transport may not be realized.

Usage of our mobile platform

  1. In stations Brno, dolní nádraží, Praha hl.n. (main railway station), Pardubice, Ústí nad Orlicí, Zábřeh na Moravě, Vyškov, Přerov, Studénka, Ostrava-Svinov, Ostrava-Stodolní, Olomouc hlavní nádraží (main railway station), Český Těšín, Třinec centrum, Bystřice, Návsí, Žilina, Poprad-Tatry, Košice, Bratislava Hlavná stanica ((main railway station), Bratislava Nové Mesto, Břeclav, Vídeň Hbf, Vídeň Simmering transport is possible with using our own portable platform. Transport must be ordered at least 24 hours prior the train departure time.

  2. Transportation of PRM passengers to the stations Bohumín, Suchdol, Opava-Východ and Česká Třebová is possible only upon prior agreement. The railway operator does not guarantee the arrival of our train to the platform with sufficient height. An assistance request is, therefore, necessary to send at least 48 hours before the departure by email to

Usage of an external mobile platform

  1. In stations where the platform height does not allow us to use our ramp (Ostrava hlavní nádraží, Hranice na Moravě, Havířov, Brno Main Station), we provide the platform externally. Therefore, we will contact you by phone to confirm your request. Order the transportation by sending an assistance request at least 48 hours prior departure.

Impossibility of transporting PRM passengers

  1. Unfortunately, in Brno-Židenice, Brno-Královo Pole, Nezamyslice, Kojetín, Čadca, Vrútky, Martin, Liptovský Mikuláš, Ružomberok, Štrba, Spišská Nová Ves, Kysak and Margecany, the transport of immobile passengers cannot be secured, as it is not possible to use our platforms or provide external platforms.


How easily request an assistance

  • The usage of both internal and external platform and the assistance of staff to boarding/disembarking with a wheelchair can be requested in advance by emailing or clicking at the button below.
  • When purchasing a ticket at our point of sale, the agent will order any kind of the platform for you
  • You may also contact our non-stop infoline on telephone number +420 222 222 221 for requesting order the platform
  • When ordering, the prescribed time limits must be considered.

Send an assistance request

How transportation goes on

  • Order a platform or ramp for safe boarding - online, by phone, or at a point of sale.
  • Arrive in time for the departure of your train according to timetable.
  • The RegioJet crew prepares a mobile platform (in stations where it can be used) or secure an external platform for safe and comfortable boarding.
  • The crew assists you during the whole procedure.
  • After boarding, the RegioHet crew is at your disposal to help you to sit at your seat.
  • Getting off at the destination is performed in a similar manner.
  • If the transport conditions are met, discounts for holders of the ZTP card can be used for purchasing your ticket.


Persons with reduced mobility in buses

persons with reduced mobility

Transport with own accompaniment

Passengers with reduced mobility are transported on yellow buses on all lines under the condition of having their own accompaniment who helps the passengers to board and disembark the bus. Coaches are not accessible by wheelchair. Please note that the RegioJet crew does not provide assistance. Thank you for your understanding.


Free transport of wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are transported free of charge. We carry them in the luggage compartment in a folded state. Other requirements for the carriage of passengers with reduced mobility are governed by the valid Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

Other useful information