Travel with your children and have fun!

Travel with your children and have fun. Board the yellow coach and go on a trip with your children!


Student Agency yellow coaches head to European cities full of wonderful attractions.
Unique offer – Family ticket – the cheapest travel with children!

DESTINATIONSFamily ticket 2+1Family ticket 2+2
SINGLE ticketSINGLE ticket
London 158,1 EUR 177,6 EUR
Paris 152,1 EUR 171,2 EUR
Zürich 128,1 EUR 144,0 EUR
Venice 99,9 EUR 112,4 EUR
Wien 20,1 EUR 22,4 EUR
Budapest 35,1 EUR 39,2 EUR
Brussel 158,1 EUR 177,6 EUR
Berlin 69,9 EUR 78,8 EUR
Dresden 45,9 EUR 51,6 EUR
Geneva 176,1 EUR 198,0 EUR
Rome 120,0 EUR 135,2 EUR
Genova 195,9 EUR 220,4 EUR
Amsterdam 150,0 EUR 168,8 EUR
Luxembourg 158,1 EUR 177,6 EUR
Krakow 30 EUR 33,6 EUR
Seat reservation is included in the fare price.
Other destinations from/to which Family ticket can be bought:
Germany Bonn, Bremen, Hannover, Düsseldorf, Köln am Rhein, Frankfurt am Main, Mannheim, Magdeburg, Munich, Nürnberg, Saarbrücken, Wolfsburg, Würzburg
France Metz, Reims
Netherlands Utrecht, Rotterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Venlo
Switzerland Bern, Laussane, St. Gallen
Italy Bologna, Firenze, Padova, Milan, Udine

Family ticket tariff terms and conditions:

  • Family ticket 2+1 – two adults, and one child below the age of 15 free of charge
  • Family ticket 2+2 - two adults, and one child below the age of 15 free of charge and the second child with a discount of 75%
  • changes of booking, names of passengers, and cancellations are possible under the conditions specified on your ticket
  • cancellation/change is only possible as a whole
  • return within 30 days
  • a limited number of seats
  • the departure of the first journey outside the following dates: from 1 Jun to 15 Sept and from 15 Dec to 15 Jan