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Tips for trips, relax, and exporing in the Czech Republic


Prague - the capital and at the same time the biggest city of the Czech Republic, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the city with a unique atmosphere and magic, Prague of "a hundred spires" - it certainly has something to offer to everybody regardless the age or interests. Let’s enjoy Prague then!

Most of us who visit the capital of the Czech Republic for the first time naturally head to the historical centre of Prague - to see the UNESCO sights. It is a unique urbanistic complex of Prague Castle with St Vitus Cathedral and and Hradčany, Lesser Town, incl. Charles Bridge, Old Town, New Town, and Vyšehrad. We cannot miss the National Theatre, Wenceslas or the Old Town Square ... it is all history in either of these places. Prague can boast tens of museums and galleries, too - e.g. the National Museum, Museum of the Capital City of Prague, National Technical Museum, or Jewish Museum. There are also very interesting galleries in Prague, for example the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague, National Gallery, Mánes Gallery, Vyšehrad Gallery, Museum Kampa, Portheimka Gallery, Klementinum Gallery, Centre of Contemporary Art - DOX, or Josef Sudek Gallery.

Those willing to indulge in one of many cultural events in Prague can choose out of programmes at club as well as big theatres - the National Theatre, Estates Theatre, Theatre at Vinohrady, State Opera, Rudolfinum, Laterna Magika Theatre, Na zábradlí Theatre, V Dlouhé Theatre, Dejvické Theatre or the already legendary Semafor. Prague also has a lot of musical and comedy theatres (the biggest of them is the Musical Theatre Karlin), and other commercial scenes.

And where can we have something to eat and drink? There are hundreds of restaurants and bars, and especially pubs serving quality Czech beer in Prague. Lesser Town, Old Town, Žižkov, and even Nusle are quarters packed with good pubs - the best-known being U Pinkasů, U Vejvodů, U Tygra, U Hrocha, U Kalicha, U Bansethů, etc. A restaurant that brews its own beer is especially renowned – U Fleků. Some festivals also take place here year in, year out – e.g. Prague Food Festival and Czech Beer Festival.

We cannot forget our children and their interests. They can go (with their parents, of course) to Zoo Prague, Botanical Garden, or Prague Planetarium. They will definitely like a performance at the Spejbl and Hurvínek Theatre. And Prague museums do not forget the little ones either - the Toy Museum, Wax Museum, Museum of legends and monsters, Railway Kingdom, or the Museum of Chocolate - they will surely not get bored there.


Brno - the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, the centre of South Moravia, a well-known university and trade-fair city - it welcomes us with is nice and relaxed atmosphere. Our first steps will certainly lead to the greatest Brno attraction - "Brno Dragon" that hangs in the passage of the Old City Hall. This symbol of Brno deserves our attention, even though it is "just" a crocodile. It is only a stone’s throw to one of the major landmarks of Brno from there - Špilberk Castle and the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul. Architecture enthusiasts can find two gems in Brno - the Tugendhat Villa by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, that is entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and Jurkovič Villa. Other cultural experiences are awaiting in one of Brno museums, theatres, and galleries. The best-known of them is the Moravian Gallery Brno. If we get on a tram, it will take us to the Brno Dam in a mere half an hour. A steamboat can transport us to Veveří Castle, another attractive landmark of Brno.

Amused, but tired, we can get some refreshments at one of many restaurants, cafés, or candy shop - depending on what we are up to. Those with a sweet tooth can head to one of many festivals of food, wine, and beer - most of them take place in Svobody Square and at Zelný trh.

Brno is a paradise for families with children. The little one can play at one of many playgrounds - e.g. at Lužánky park. We can also go to the Brno Zoo with them. Teenagers can enjoy a time at the Observatory and planetarium or the VIDA! science centrum.


Olomouc - the metropolis of the Haná Region, one of historical jewels or the Czech Republic, the seat of the Archbishop and a university town. As Olomouc used to be one of the most important town in Moravia, it boasts a historical centre with important sights - most of them in the Horní Square: the town hall with the astronomical clock from the 15th century, Herkules, Arion, and Caesar fountains, and particularly the UNESCO monument - the Holy Trinity Column. Other historic gems are St Wenceslas Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace. Olomouc also offers theatres, museums, and galleries to go to. Documentary films and video programmes enthusiasts can go to Olomouc at the time of the Academia film Olomouc festival, and those into gardening certainly should not miss the Flora Olomouc Fair. Olomouc is known for a delicacy called Olomoucké tvarůžky - this kind of cheese is made at nearby Loštice where you can also find a museum dedicated to it. Children can enjoy themselves at the Olomouc Aquapark or go to the Svatý Kopeček Zoo.

České Budějovice

České Budějovice - a friendly and hospitable town in the south of Bohemia in the middle of picturesque countryside full of ponds, rivers, forests, and hills of the Blanský les and Novohradské Mountains, places where everyone can find something to his/her liking. Česke Budějovice is a good trip destination as you can indulge in sports, good food, culture, sights, shopping, or a glass of delicious beer there. The town hosts South Bohemian University, a lot of vocational schools, scientific institutions, South Bohemian Theatre, South Bohemian Museum, and other private museums and galleries. You can find one of the most beautiful squares in the Czech Republic with the Samson’s Fountain, Black Tower, and St Nicholas’ Cathedral there. You can take your children to the observatory and planetarium, zoo at Hluboká nad Vltavou, or the South Bohemian Motorcycle Museum in the building of the historical little salt storage. And you should definitely go to the renowned Masné krámy in the centre and to the Budvar Brewery.

Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové - an East Bohemian town with the Velké Square that is a place with a mixture of three architectural styles: the Gothic Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, the Renaissance belfry called White Tower, the Baroque Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, and the 19-metre-high Marian Column. Hradec Králové is rich in important architectural monuments - there are works by known architects there, e.g. Municipal Museum (Jan Kotěra), staircase at the Virgin Mary Church (Josef Gočár), Elbe electric power station (František Sander), evangelic church on Nezvalova Street (Oldřich Liska). The romantic walk through the town should definitely go around the Elbe power station, which is an Art Nouveau building with ornamental plasters by architect Sander. Water is behind many other sight in Hradec Králové - the giant aquarium withe the underwater tunnel. A sightseeing cruise on the Elbe River by the Hradec and Queen Elise steamboats. We also should not miss the popular destination called Braun’s Crib in Nový les. It is a gallery of statues and reliefs carved in the rocks - and it is a UNESCO-protected monument.

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) - who would not know the town? It i known for mineral springs, skills of local china manufactures and glassworks, and the film festival, spa biscuits, and Becherovka (famous alcoholic beverage containing a lot of herbs). Indulge in one of 12 healing springs - they can be found in the Hot Spring Colonnade. The most prominent of them is the Hot Spring, shooting up to 12 metres high. You can also have one of Czech or international cuisine delicacies at the Grandhotel Pupp - you are certainly in for a great time. And if you are into gold, just head to the master 18-hole course with the oldest golf club in Bohemia. And certainly do not forget about the famous Karlovy Vary International Film Festival that takes place every July - you may even get an autograph by one of Hollywood stars who invariably come to Karlovy Vary.

Jindřichův Hradec

Jindřichův Hradec - this "pearl of South Bohemia", town of the "golden rose" has it all to impress you. There is one of the town symbols situated right in its centre - the Vajgar pond with the panorama of the Gothic castle and Renaissance chateau mirrored on the water surface. The 15th meridian of east longitude goes through the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary - it is marked on the pavement, and therefore you can set the sharp CET. The best-known item displayed in the Museum of the Jindřichlv Hradec Region and at the same time the biggest mechanical crib in the world is the Krýza’s creche that is entered into the Guinness Book of Records. You can also visit Chateau Mill that was rebuilt to a town power station by František Křižík, the House of Tapestries, or the National Museum of Photography. Children and the whole families will certainly enjoy the local aquapark, or a steam train trip on the Jindrichův Hradec regional narrow-gauge railway to the area called Czech Canada.


Telč - let’s explore Telč during the walk through the town and get enchanted by the beauty of sights that have survived centuries there. The visit of the Telč chateau will take you back in time – to the time when the Renaissance square was all the buzz, carriages with pretty ladies were going around, and there were lots of little shops with various goods and delicacies. However, Telč is not only the chateau and stunning buildings with Gothic and Renaissance facades in the square that are entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are also ponds around the town and the tranquillity of old churches and chapels there. We can also set off to nearby Roštejn Castle or to the Oslednice hill with a lookout tower. The most stunning look at the Telč region is from the board of a hot-air balloon - it is definitely worth it. Apart from sightseeing flights, travellers can also go on boats or go fishing.


Zlín - a town with a fresh and modern atmosphere that is renowned thanks to the Baťa shoe company. it helped to make Zlín a unique set of functionalist architecture, with the major landmark being the 77.5-metre-high Jednadvacítka skyscraper - one of the first high-rise buildings in Europe which boast a curiosity - an office in the lift. The colony of typical Baťa houses is also worth seeing – these are family houses looking like red cubes thanks to bricks used in their construction. And we certainly cannot forget the Museum of Shoemaking where you can find such interesting things like miniature shoes from feudal China, shoes from ostrich feathers and human hair. The Zlín-Lešná Zoo with animals from Africa, Australia, and America, and a New Renaissance chateau is certainly a place where to take your kids.


Kroměříž - this town is also known under the nickname of Athens of Haná. It boasts a UNESCO site - the stunning Archbishop’s Chateau, summer residence of Olomouc archbishops with beautiful Chateau and Flower Gardens. There is an art gallery and a library in the chateau, and the most precious piece of art displayed in the Czech Republic can be seen there - the Apollon and Marsyas painting by Tizian. The chateau also includes Archbishop’s wine cellar where you can go on your own or with a guide and a tasting session.


Most - it is a town that basically disappeared from the map due to coal mining in the 1970s. Old Most can be seen just in photographs, and there are some events refreshing general memory from time to time. New Most is situated a bit further from the original settlement, and the countryside around it is green again. The symbol of the destroyed town is the Church of the Assumpion of Virgin Mary, gem of late-Gothic architecture. Its matroneum with scenes from the Old and New Testaments along the clerestories is unique, and cannot be seen anywhere else in the Czech Republic. The almost 30 metres high and 60 metres long church got on the move on 30th September 1975 and "settled" in its current place on 27th October 1975. The unique event is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as transporting the heaviest item on rails. Modern Most offers, among other things, Coal-mining safari - an excursion into mines, Hipodrom, Autodrom, or the Matylda Lake with beaches, water attractions, and a path around it.


Chomutov - a trip to this town is a nice surprise. The centre is full of historic burghers’ houses, town hall, the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, and the early-Gothic St Catharina’s Church. The Chomutov Museum offers an exposition of folk art focused on wooden toys and Christmas decorations from both the Bohemian and the German side of the Ore Mountains. The Fiala’s Crib deserves special attention as it presents old crafts. Families with children should head to the Podkrušnohorský zoopark with an open-air museum of architecture and a ropes centre for children. You can also go a bit wild in one of the best skateparks in the Czech Republic, or have a swim in the Alum Lake, which is the only one of its kind in the world.