ISIC card and student ID card

Are you a student? Do you know how to identify yourself on RegioJet trains and buses in the Czech Republic from 1 September 2018?

It is really easy! The conditions for travelling have gotten even easier for you than they were before. To get a discount of 75 % on fare when travelling on trains and buses in the Czech Republic, all you have to do is identify yourself with an international ISIC card or a student ID card (if you are a student in Czech republic). In addition, it is not neccesary to fill in your specific route to school. Newly you can travel between any city in the Czech republic without limits.

Travel conveniently with RegioJet trains and buses with an ISIC card

You can get an ISIC card very easily

  • The only condition is full-time study at one of the schools registered in the register of schools of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

How do you get it?

  1. You prepare
    • Your coloured passport photograph in electronic form.
    • A scan of a valid student certificate, not more than 2 months old.
    • A scan of your identity card or passport.
  2. You then visit the ISIC website
    • The website is at:
    • You fill in all the necessary information.
    • You send a payment by credit card payment or bank transfer.
  3. When will you have your ISIC card in your packet?
    • If you send your order and payment before 11:00, your ISIC Card will be sent by post on the following workday (this does not apply to orders made at weekends and on state holidays).
  4. Validity of the ISIC card
    • Your ISIC Card is always valid from the beginning of September of one calendar year to the end of December of the following calendar year.
    • Single-issue ISIC Card, which you can order online at the website, is only active for the period of validity which is printed on the card.
    • School ISIC Card, which you can purchase at your school, is only active for the period of validity that is printed on the card. You can simply extend the validity when you purchase an ISIC revalidation sticker at school in the form of a holographic sticker (NOT your school revalidation stamp) and stick it onto your ISIC plastic card. On RegioJet services, we acknowledge the extension of ISIC Card ONLY when ISIC revalidation sticker is used.
  5. ISIC card is a plastic card, but it can also be in electronic form
    • In the RegioJet trains and buses we accept the ISIC card in form of a plastic card or in electronic form.

Travel conveniently with RegioJet trains and buses with a student ID card

To get a student ID card, all you need is to

  • Have permanent residence in the Czech Republic or a certificate of a permit to reside in the Czech Republic for foreigners.
  • Be a student at one of the schools in the Czech Republic and fulfil your compulsory school attendance or be systematically preparing for a future occupation at a secondary school, higher vocational school, university or special school.
  • Be between 15 to 25 years old inclusive.

How do you get it?

  1. You can purchase a student ID form at all sales points of RegioJet and STUDENT AGENCY
    • The price of one form is CZK 2. The forms can be purchased from other carriers as well.
  2. You fill in this information
    • Name and surname.
    • Birth date.
    • You prepare your photograph.
    • On the back side of the card, you fill in the name and address of the school.
  3. The school confirms the following for you
    • Current school year.
    • Stamp and signature of school.
  4. With a completed and school-certified form, come to one of the RegioJet or STUDENT AGENCY branches, where we will verify the card for you.
    • For the verification, you need to present a photograph and valid ID card. The price of the verification and the issuance of an ID card is CZK 45.
  5. Validity of the student ID card
    • The card is always valid only for one school year.