You can choose out of various ways of payment with us. The choice is only up to you.

It is an easy way of purchasing a ticket covered from the credit (the deposit has been made before). More about the Credit ticket here


When making an online booking on our website, it is possible to pay online by card directly in the booking form. We accept the following payment cards:

  • VISA
  • MASTERPASS – more about the app INCARD MASTERPASS™WARNING: The payment method is unavailable to appeal.

How can you pay?

If you decide to pay for the ticket by payment card, mark its kind. You will be forwarded to our processing bank (Česká spořitelna) that will prompt you to enter the information about your card: card number, date of its expiration, and CVV2/CVC2 – the last three digit on the signature strip of the card. This information is entered directly on the pay site of the processing bank that ensures secured encrypted transfer of data – we are just told the result of authorization which prompts us to process the order. This prevents the possibility that your card would be misused by the subject from which you are buying the goods, and the unprotected data free transfer on public computer network. You are informed about the result of the transaction by e-mail.

Payment by card is safe:

  • We use the 3D-Secure solution when accepting  cards – this is the most state-of-the-art application aby MasterCard and Visa card associations that enables safe card payments on the Internet
  • You enter your card details directly to the bank
  • None of our employees has access to your card details
  • Data transfer is done via the HTTPS secured protocol which encrypts the information

If the bank does not confirm the payment by card, it may happen due to the following reasons:

  • Information about the payment card was entered incorrectly
  • The is not enough money on your bank account, or you have exceeded the limit for Internet transactions
  • Internet transactions are disabled on your card – contact your bank in this case