Eurail & Interrail Pass - discover the most beautiful European cities easily.

What is the Eurail & Interrail Pass?

  • Eurail & Interrail Pass is a train ticket which will allow you to travel on most trains throughout Europe. The pass provides access to 37 railway and ferry companies in 30 countries.
  • When boarding the train simply present the purchased Eurail & Interrail Pass to the train conductor. Some railway companies require to purchase seat allocation in advance.
  • You can visit more than 40 000 destinations with Eurail & Interrail Pass using only one train card.
  • Choose from two types of Interrail Passes. GLOBAL PASS for traveling to more than 30 European countries and ONE COUNTRY PASS for traveling within one country.
  • It is also possible to choose a class type, exceptionally comfortable 1st Class or our standard 2nd Class.

Great for journeys to a number of European countries.

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Convenient when traveling throughout one country.

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Eurail & Interrail Pass with RegioJet trains and buses

Eurail & Interrail Pass can also be used for traveling on the RegioJet train network. It applies to all railway lines in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and Austria. 

After purchasing the Eurail & Interrail Pass, we highly recommend booking a seat or a bed in case of connections in category RJ so that we can guarantee it. Depending on the tariff you have chosen, the price for the reservation varies (see the price list below). Supposing you travel by train connection of category R (express line Brno–Bohumín), Eurail & Interrail Pass is valid only in the 2nd class, where seating is not guaranteed and seat reservation cannot be purchased. Therefore, the passenger is either seated in a vacant seat or stands still while traveling.

RegioJet lines where Eurail & Interrail can be used:

  • connestions in category RJ:
    • RJ Praha - Brno - Vienna - Budapest (except RJ 1046 and 1047)
    • RJ Praha - Brno - Bratislava (except RJ 1046 and 1047)
    • RJ Praha - Brno - Žilina 
    • RJ Praha - Brno - Košice
    • RJ Praha - Ostrava
    • RJ Praha - Brno
  • connestions in category R: express line R8 Brno–Bohumín
  • Regional line in Ústecký Kraj
  • Prague–Krakow train/bus (reservation required)
  • can not be used for the train line to Prague - Kolín - Brno - Břeclav - Bratislava - Györ - Budapest - Zagreb - Ogulin - Rijeka - Gračac - Split


Prices for booking a seat or a bed:

  • Standard tariff = 3 EUR
  • Relax tariff = 5 EUR
  • Business tariff = 10 EUR (can only be ordered by the 1st class holder)
  • Sleeping car (1 bed) = 10 EUR
  • Sleeping compartment = 30 EUR (can only be ordered by the 1st class holder)
  • Bus seat = 3 EUR
  • Stated prices apply even if the passenger uses only a section of the entire line's journey.
  • Book at any RegioJet or STUDENT AGENCY sales point.
  • Eurail & Interrail Pass is sold at RegioJet branches: Prague Main Train Station, ÚAN Florence Prague, Brno - Dům pánů z Lipé.