Technical guide for API integration


RegioJet offers its REST API to partners they can call search and booking engine. Business model of cooperation is based on commission fee. The following tutorial shows how to integrate your system to us.


All API endpoints are described with examples in swagger 2.0 notation.
The documentation describes all system functionally however you need to use only small subset specified below.


The integration process is simple and consists from 8 main steps:

  1. Load constants GET /consts/tariffs, /consts/seatClasses, /consts/tariffs, /consts/locations, /consts/translations/{language}.
  2. Call GET /routes/search simple to search routes only.
  3. Call GET /routes/{routeId}/simple that returns detail of the route, especially part of route and seatClass.
  4. Call POST /routes/{routeId}/freeSeats. You need routeId and part of route from step 2 and 3; returns selectedSeats.
  5. Call POST /routes/{roObsah uteId}/passengesData. You need routeId and seatClass from step 2 and 3; returns mandatory data to make reservation.
  6. Create new ticket for new account as affiliate partner with POST /tickets/create/affiliate.
  7. Confirm payment PUT /payments/{ticketId}/pay.
  8. Print ticket GET /tickets/{ticketId}. You need a GET /users/authenticate endpoint to obtain an accountCode, an essential part of the ticket.

The cancelation endpoint is optional. Average response of search API is around 100–300ms. There is a development environment available as well.

The booking schema below describes whole process

The booking schema describes whole process


Join us at and be in touch with our API team.


  1. Review our API documentation.
  2. Contact us at
  3. Receive access to DEV environment and Slack.
  4. Agree on contract.
  5. Integrate and Test.
  6. Go live.

Whole integration process takes from 3–4 weeks in average.


Development and testing environments are available at:


Realtime monitoring and maintenance status is available online. Subscribe at