Price list and tariffs

Domestic tickets issued according to RegioJet tariffs are valid in RegioJet trains on the Bratislava - Komárno line. Our tariffs are made up so that all passengers pay on the basis of the length of covered number of kilometres. Therefore you can calculate the price of your route thanks to the table of covered kilometres.

We offer attractive discount for individual groups of passengers. You can also travel for free on this line in certain circumstances.

SAVE! If you travel regularly, it certainly pays off to purchase a weekly or monthly ticket, and save up to 50 % in comparison with single tickets.

The ticket price for your route can be calculated thanks to the table of prices according to covered kilometres.

Group of passengers
Children 6-15 years of age 50% discount on single tickets REGIOpol
Children 6-15 years of age with a card free of charge REGIOstudent
Students up to 26 years of age free of charge/up to 70% discount on time-limited tickets***  REGIOpol
 Pupil/student without the chip card or with the card without the transport part, up to 26 years of age, and with a student ID  free of charge  REGIOstudent
 Adults from 15 to 62 years of age  up to 50% discount on time-limited tickets/ PROMOTIONAL TICKETS with up to 40 discount*  REGIOakcia
Senior citizens up to 62 years of age with a card free of charge REGIOdôchodca
Senior citizens over 62 years of age free of charge REGIOdôchodca
Heavily handicapped 60% discount of single tickets REGIOťzp
Person accompanying the heavily handicapped person free of charge** -

So that the passenger could use the above-mentioned discount, he/she has to present a card that entitles him/her to the given discounted fare.

* valid only in selected trains

** for ŤZP-S card holders

 *** for going to school,it is necessary to buy a weekly and mothly ticked with a further discount of up to 45% 

The amount of a single-ticket fare in the REGIO, REGIOpol, REGIOťzp, REGIOstudent, and REGIOdôchodca tariffs is regulated and stipulated by state authorities. Commercial offers of the Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko company, network tickets, and free tickets for railway employees and their family member are valid in the RegioJet trains only on the Bratislava Main - Bratislava-Nové Mesto route. If you use one of the above-mentioned cards and plan to travel by RegioJet trains further on, you have to buy a train ticket according to the RegioJet company tariff. 

Who is entitled to claim a free fare?

  • Children of up to 6 years of age

  • Children from 6 to 15 years of age with a card for the child of up to 15 years of age

  • Pupils/students without a contactless chip card, or with such a card without the transport part up to 26 years of age, with a pupil's/student's card

  • Senior citizens up to 62 years of age with a card proving that they are pensioner up to 62 years of age

  • Citizens over 62 years of age with a customer card

  • Pupils/students - contactless chip card (with the transport part, issued by a school in the Slovak Republic) holders, or contactless chip card (without the transport part) holders who do not want to use time-limited tickets with a customer card

  • A person accompanying a physical parson who is a holder of a card for seriously handicapped people with a companion

  • Judges of the Constitutional Court and deputies of the National Council of the Slovak Republic


How to prove the entitlement for a discount?

  • Children up to 15 years of age - children over 5 years of age have to present a card with their name, date of birth, and a current photo (for instance a Železničná spoločnosť Slovenko card, a health insurance card, a school-attendance card, an SAD card, etc.)
  • Pupils and student of up to 26 years of age – an ISIC chip card with a valid revalidation sticker for the given year, or a valid student's card of the Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko
  • ŤZP card holders – a valid card for a seriously handicapped person, a card for a seriously handicapped person with a companion, a card for a seriously handicapped person in need of a companion


Are you travelling THERE and BACK with us within a single day. We can recommend you our return ticket.        

  • A return ticket is as expensive as two single tickets, but you save time that you would have to spend by purchasing and paying for the other ticket - which makes your travel more comfortable!    
  • The ticket has to be used for both ways within a single calendar day.    
  • A return ticket can be purchased for all types of fares. 

Return tickets can be purchased in all comfort in the customer centre at the Bratislava Main station, in the Bratislava - Nové Mesto, Dunajská Streda, and Komárno points of sale, at our authorized sellers, and from a steward/ess on board.    

SAVE! Buy an exceptional Komárno - Bratislava or Bratislava - Komárno return ticket for only € 8.50 and travel for even less - a single journey costs only € 4.25 in this case. You save up to 0.25 cents in comparison with a single ticket for the same route (€ 4.50). This special ticket is available only in the customer centre and in ticket offices.

If you travel 3-4 or more times a week, a time-limited ticket is definitely worth considering. RegioJet offers single or return weekly or monthly train tickets that are valid for an unlimited number of journeys on the route of your choice in the selected period of time.

If you go by train every day, you can save up to 50% with the weekly or monthly ticket compared to regular single tickets.

Time-limited tickets (weekly and monthly) are offered in 2 versions:

  • REGIO - full-priced - it can be used by all passengers without any limits. However, an issued train ticket is non-transferable, and it can be used only by the person whose name is given on it. 
  • REGIOpol - discounted - it can be used only by pupils and student on the way to/from school. The condition for using this type of ticket is specifying the exact FROM-TO destinations on the pupil’s/student’s card.

For information about prices, see our Price list of tickets.

SALE! 40% discount in promotional trains - at WEEKENDS and on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS, and on weekdays on selected routes!

RegioJet offers you a unique ThermalPass package allowing you to travel comfortably, fast, and at low cost to thermal pools at Veľký Meder and Dunajská Streda. We will ensure a complete transport from Bratislava to the thermal pool, and you will save up to 33% on fares and entrance fees. More detailed information about ThermalPass packages is to be found in the Let’s go swimming by train section.

Travelling by PROMOTIONAL TRAINS is discounted by up to 40%. The promotion is valid in all trains during weekends and on public holidays, and on weekdays (yellow-highlighted trains in the timetable).

Examples of prices for selected routes in PROMOTIONAL TRAINS:



ADULTS usual price


Dunajská Streda – Bratislava Main € 1.53 € 2.55 € 2.16
Komárno - Bratislava Main* € 3.15
€ 4.50*

€ 4.50*

Veľký Meder – Bratislava Main € 2.22 € 3.70 € 3.34
Dunajská Streda – Komárno € 1.77 € 2.95 € 2.50
Kvetoslavov – Bratislava-N.Mesto € 0.78 € 1.30 € 1.11
Zemianska Olča - Komárno € 0.81 € 1.35 € 1.15

 * Discounted fare is valid on the Bratislava - Komárno route.


You can travel from Komárno to Bratislava or in the other direction at the lowest price with us. The favourably priced discounted route ticket costs only € 4.50 as a single, or only € 8.50 as a return. You can save up to € 2.00 for a single way. The favourable route ticket is valid in all RegioJet trains, incl. express Regional Expres connections. These train tickets are sold only in RegioJet customer centres.

Bratislava - Komárno and vice versaDISCOUNTED ROUTE TICKETUsual priceYou save
single € 4.50 € 5.25
€ 0.75
return € 8.50 € 10.50 € 2.00



Have a refreshing and regenerating experience at the thermal pools on the Žitný Island. Travel fast and in all comfort by Regiojet trains. With our favourably priced ThermalPass package, you will also save up to 33% on fares and entrance fees.

You can purchase the following packages:

The favourably priced ThermalPass includes:

  • a return Regiojet train ticket from Bratislava
  • guaranteed follow-up transport from the railway station to the thermal park
  • a day ticket to the thermal park
Dunajská Streda
Veľký Meder
Adult € 9.50 € 11.50
Student € 8.50 € 11.50
Child from 3 to 6 years of age
€ 4.50 € 6.50
Child from 6 to 15 years of age € 6.50 € 9.50
Senior citizen over 62
€ 7.00 € 6.50
Seriously handicapped person
€ 8.50 € 9.50

 Note: A person accompanying the person with a seriously handicapped person card with a company is transported by train free of charge on the basis of the ŤZPs card, but he/she must purchase an entrance ticket to the thermal park.

The ThermalPass can be used in any trains. However, the follow-up transport to the thermal park is guaranteed only for selected trains.

Trains with guaranteed follow-up transport to the Veľký Meder and Dunajská Streda thermal parks
  • from Bratislava Main at 8:05 and 10:05 every day
  • from Bratislava-N.Mesto at 8:13 and 10:13 every day
  • back from Dunajská Streda to Bratislava at 4:50 p.m. and 6:50 p.m. every day
  • back from Veľký Meder to Bratislava at 5:12 p.m. on weekdays, at 6:21 p.m. at weekends and on public holidays

THERMALPASS can be purchased at the following points of sale:

  • Bratislava hlavná stanica (Main) rail. st. - RegioJet Customer centre
  • ŽST Bratislava - Nové Mesto rail. st. - RegioJet Customer centre
  • Bratislava, Obchodná street - Student Agency branch
  • Bratislava, OC CENTRAL - Student Agency branch
  • Dunajská Streda rail. st. - RegioJet Customer centre
  • Komárno rail. st. - RegioJet Customer centre

The THERMALPASS package is valid only on the day for which it is issued. The package can be purchased in advance up to 1 month before the journey, just before the train leaves at the latest. The THERMALPASS can be used for travelling from any railway stations on the Bratislava - Dunajská Streda (Veľký Meder) route.

The promotion is valid until further notice.

Hand baggage, a pair of skis, a snowboard or a portable musical instrument are transported in our trains free of charge. Hand baggage is such baggage that can be placed onto the baggage rack or under the seat where the passenger is sitting. Any other oversized baggage can be transported only on the basis of purchasing a baggage ticket - you can choose from a single, day, or week ticket.

Bicycles and oversized baggage are transported at specific prices. A single ticket costs € 1, a return ticket costs € 2, and a ticket for the whole week can be purchased for just € 5.

Dogs on a lead and with a muzzle are transported for the REGIOpol 50% discounted fare, little animals/pets in a box with a solid bottom are transported free of charge as hand baggage.