Sleeping cars on the line Prague–Košice

Night trains have been going up and down the Prague - Košice line and back for some time, but we will add new sleeping cars to the train sets on 17th December. Need privacy? Book the whole compartment in the beds part only for yourself. Or book places in the couchettes part for up to six passengers. Travelling in the sleeping car starts at CZK 375.

Travel in the sleeping car can be purchased if your journey is longer than app. 5 hours. The booking system uses the following icon for such cars:




luzkove vozy regiojet

Sleeping cars

- Comfortable compartments adjusted for sitting and sleeping during the journey
- Max. for 3 passengers: 3 seats and 3 beds
Enjoy your privacy: possibility to book the whole compartment only for one or two passengers
- For your comfort, bedlinen, pillows, and blanket are prepared in the compartment
Free breakfast: coffee, Rajec water, orange juice with pulp, breakfast set
- Sweet freebie



Couchette cars

- Compartment for up to 6 passengers
- Linen, pillows, blankets in the compartment
Free breakfast: coffee, Rajec water, and fresh croissant





What you get in sleeping cars:

- FREE breakfast
- Security service
- Wake-up service – let stewards know if and when you want to be woken up
- It is possible to purchase a hygienic package (wet napkins, dental set, cosmetic set, soap, comb, earplugs, sleeping mask, handkerchiefs) – CZK 80
- It is possible to purchase a security lock on luggage – CZK 30

You can order refreshments and beverages from our menu during the journey

As usual, you will get service on board for free (coffee, water, and magazines). The offer of refreshments in sleeping cars is limited, but there is still a wide range of snacks, croissants, salads, hot and cold beverages available.


Night regime and breakfast


  • Night regime 0:15 – 5:46 a.m. (Olomouc – Spišská Nová Ves stops)
  • Breakfast - free breakfast is served after the Žilina stop and before arriving at the destination
  • All passengers are woken up after the night regime ends (after Spišská Nová Ves), all passengers are served breakfast then


  • Night regime 1:00 – 5:00 a.m. (Žilina – Pardubice stop)
  • Breakfast - free breakfast is served after the Žilina stop and before arriving at the destination
  • All passengers are woken up after the night regime ends (after Pardubice), all passengers are served breakfast then

How our sleepers differ from the competition

RegioJet is operating only couchette cars with 6 couchettes in one compartment. What makes couchettes and beds on rails different? The main difference is in the number of beds in a compartment, and in the quality of linen. The bed construction is the same. To make for greater privacy, we turned these couchette cars into bed cars so that three couchettes could be permanently unfolded to make a bed. Beds on one side are prepared for sleeping, couchettes on the other side are in a sitting position.

This solution bears a clear advantage over bed cars that you know from our competitors. The passenger is not dependent on his/her fellow passengers, and he/she can freely decide if he/she wants to sit or lie down - he/she can use two independent places. Therefore such a compartment for 3 people is bigger than a standard compartment for 3 people in usual sleeping cars used by the competition. However, it is necessary to point out the fact that our compartments are without a basin or shower - there are toilets and washrooms with washbasins at each end of the car. The compartments are for both men and women (mixed).


  • Passengers are not allowed to harass fellow passengers in the compartment and in the whole car.
  • The forms or harassment include (according to the law): noise, heavy drinking (of alcohol), odour...
  • During the night, there is a strict prohibition on drinking own alcoholic beverages on board. Police will be called after the first warning, and the passenger will be taken off board with no ticket price reimbursement