Between Prague and Brno eight times a day in each direction

From the start of December's timetable, RegioJet plans to run nine pairs of connections from Prague to Brno and back - of which four will join the new route Prague - Brno - Břeclav - Vienna; three will connect Prague, Brno and Břeclav with Bratislava, and two will run on the Prague - Brno route. From June 2018 the tenth pair of connections between Prague and Brno will begin.

From Brno's main train station to Prague, RegioJet trains will depart at the following times: 5:03, 6:09, 7:09, 8:09, 10:09 (10 June 2018), 12:09, 2:09 , 4:09, 5:09 and 8:09.

In the opposite direction from Prague main station to Brno at the following times: 5:21, 7:21, 9:21, 11:21, 1:21, 3:21, 4:21, 5:21 (from June 9, 2018), 6:21 and 8:21.

One pair of connections (the first morning one from Brno to Prague and the last evening one in the opposite direction) will also stop in Adamov, Blansko, Letovice and Svitavy. In Brno, most RegioJet trains also stop at Brno-Židenice station.


We look forward to seeing you on our train.

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