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All Credit ticket holder can travel by train even cheaper now. We have prepared a 20% discount for all national lines within the Czech Republic if you buy the ticket online with the Credit ticket. You can get from Prague to Ostrava for as little as CZK 152!

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Why to go in the Standard tariff with the Credit ticket?

  • This tariff included the popular Astra - Quiet Zone with bigger and more comfortable seats and with built-in screens
    • Lots of films both in Czech and English, music, books, games, and much more
    • Headphones to be borrowed from a steward/ess
  • All tickets can be cancelled up to 15 minutes before departure
  • Deposit can be made online (no limit on the amount), or at our branches (from CZK 300 / EUR 10)
  • No limit on withdrawing funds
  • Refreshments on board for FREE (and for sale) is a matter of course 
  • NEW: the fastest Internet on Czech rails!
  • Purchasing tickets online for the most favourable prices - with no need to queue!