To Arad and Timisoara in Romania, via Budapest and Szeged

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On RegioJet buses to Romania.

Do you want to experience an original and unusual vacation? Explore wild mountains and lakes, mysterious castles and villages where time has stopped? Is it tempting for you to see the endless Hungarian desert and enjoy the taste of a freshly-matured genuine Hungarian salami? Do you need comfortable and safe travel between the Czech Republic and Romania, with the highest quality service and great prices?

From June 28 2017, RegioJet coaches run on the new Prague – Brno – Bratislava – Budapest – Budapest Airport – Szeged – Arad – Timisoara routes and back. Luxurious yellow buses with a stewardess and premium service will connect Romania with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary on regular lines one time a week. The new Hungarian Budapest-Airport destination will also be added to the route. Tickets are on sale - you can shop today!

What new things are awaiting you

  • The new yellow line will connect Prague, Brno and Bratislava with Arad and Timisoara in Romania.
  • We stop in Hungary at a stop in the center of Budapest, Ferenc Liszt Airport in Budapest and in Szeged, South Hungary.
  • Buses on this route travel 1 time a weekin the direction of Romania always on Fridays and in the opposite direction from Romania on Sundays.
  • We depart from Prague at 22:00 (Brno Departure 0:30, Bratislava Departure 2:25) and arrive in Romania around lunch time – in Arad at 11:15 and in Timisoara at 12:10.
  • In the opposite direction we depart from Timisoara at 9:00 and from Arad at 10:00 with afternoon arrival to Bratislava at 4:45 p.m., evening arrival to Brno at 6:30 p.m. and to Prague at 9:00 p.m.
  • Within the RegioJet bus and train network we provide connections from many Czech and Slovak towns to the line.

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More information and a few practical details

Enjoy our yellow service

Start your journey having fun already on our buses! You can expect above-standard service – touchscreens in every seat for individual entertainment (watching films or series, the possibility to play electronic games or to listen to music); hot drinks, newspapers and magazines waiting for you free of charge, other refreshments can be bought; electricity network 230 V outlet; modern air-conditioned environment and comfortable leather seats with a tray table; and, of course, a toilet. Pleasant and helpful staff will take care of your comfort throughout the journey.

FREE Wi-FiStewardessHot drinksCold drinksTouchscreenDaily PressSocket 230 VAir ConditioningHeadphones to borrowGamesMoviesMusicE-Books

Timisoara. What can it offer?

  • Do you know what Timisoara is? The original name of the city in Romanian sounds like the name of a fairy-tale princess.
  • Sit down in a cozy café and enjoy the unique atmosphere. Enjoy the charm of the historic center or go shopping for a local market.
  • Get awesome photos of nightly Timisoara. The most beautiful shots are offered by the well lit orthodox cathedral, which is one of the tallest buildings in the city.
  • History was written here. In the 1989 Revolution Museum you will find everything about Romania's communist history. It was in Timisoara that the Revolution began when the Romanians ended the totalitarian era by overthrowing the dictator Ceausescu's rule.
  • Take a local bus to Banat. An unforgettable experience is the visit of some of the villages of Czech compatriots who have lived here for nearly 200 years in a distance of 900 km from their homeland. Gorgeous virgin landscapes, hospitality and friendliness of local people will catch you in the heart.

To Timisoara just for 19 €

On RegioJet buses to Romania – Timisoara.

Arad. What can it offer?

  • Travel across Arad as if you were at home. Trams and buses cross the whole city, and fares do not cost much.
  • Feel the military spirit of times past. The extensive fortress Cetatea Aradului, a special star-shaped building from the time of the empress Maria Theresia, attracts all the fans of historical fortifications. And not only them!
  • Art Nouveau lovers will be satisfied too. The Austro-Hungarian past left visible traces of the architecture of the city. Few places in the world have such impressive Art Nouveau buildings as Arad.
  • Taste the Mititei or Tuica. Traditional Romanian specialties, such as the Ćevapi called Mititei or the brandy of Tuica, are worth trying.

To Arad just for 19 €

On RegioJet buses to Romania – Arad.

Szeged. What can it offer?

  • Visit the City of sunshine. Szeged is beautiful 2,200 hours a year. Come and see on your own!
  • Here the Hungarian miracle was born. The Pick salami or the Hungarian sausage is produced in this city. You will learn everything about its history and production in the Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum.
  • Blue and gold. Stars and flowers. Calm and meditation. The most beautiful Jewish temple in Hungary, the Szeged Synagogue, will captivate you with its atmosphere, architecture and beautiful decoration of the interior.
  • Enjoy the comfort and warmth of the thermal spa. The modern thermal spa Anna and the traditional Thermálfürdő will satisfy every wish. Do not forget to try the favorite night bathing!
  • Immerse yourself in the music tones. Take the famous summer open-air festival at the Dóm tér square. You will see opera, operetta, dramas, folk dances, classical music, ballet and rock, performed by Hungarian and world stars.
  • Do not forget to buy Segedin's flapping slippers. Once-usual shoes for girls and ladies, with a hand-embroidered upper, is still a very popular souvenir.

To Szeged just for 19 €

On RegioJet buses to Romania – Szeged.