Travel now from Budapest to Vienna with RegioJet buses from 4. 1. 2018

Travel now from Budapest to Vienna with RegioJet buses

On Thursday, the 4 January 2018, a new direct line starts from RegioJet, which connects the capital cities of Hungary and Austria – Budapest and Vienna.

New things that await you

Why travel to Budapest and Vienna with RegioJet buses?

  • You will enjoy the trip! Luxurious yellow buses Fun&Relax, with premium services, await you.
  • Your comfort during the trip will be taken care of by our pleasant and friendly on-board staff; polite and helpful stewards and stewardesses, and experienced drivers, all of which speak German and English.
  • Your ticket also holds your specific seat, which you choose for yourself during reservation.
  • Free Wi-Fi connection is available for the whole duration of your trip.
  • You will have fun on RegioJet buses! On each seat, you will find a touch screen where you can watch movies or series, play electronic games, or listen to music. You choose what kind of entertainment to make your trip more enjoyable with. Headphones are given to each passenger for the duration of the trip.
  • We offer you several kinds of hot drinks and a selection of newspapers and magazines free of charge.
  • You may purchase additional refreshments from the on-board staff.
  • At every double seat, you will find a 230 V power supply to connect your mobile device to.
  • A modern air-conditioned/heated environment and comfortable leather seats with a table or bathroom are a given.
  • Free; that is, without any additional charge, you may place one item of luggage in the luggage compartment and take one item of hand luggage on board the bus.

FREE Wi-FiStewardessHot drinksCold drinksTouchscreenDaily PressSocket 230 VAir ConditioningHeadphones to borrowGamesMoviesMusicE-Books

Travel from 2,800 HUF/9 € with the discount PROMO tariff

Pay as much as 5,200 HUF/17 € less! Take advantage of the opportunity to travel at a great price with the PROMO tariff on sale. All you need to do is plan ahead a bit and buy your ticket somewhat in advance. The number of discounted tickets are limited. Do not hesitate; just one click on the yellow button, and the ticket is yours!

From Budapest to Vienna now from 2,800 HUF/9 €

Travel across Europe with the RegioJet bus and train network

  • From Budapest and Vienna you can also travel with other direct lines to Prague, Brno, or Bratislava.
  • If you would like to travel to Romania, take advantage of the connections which go once a week, in the direction of Arad and Timisoara through Szeged.
  • From Vienna, we will also take you to Venice and many other cities in Italy.
  • The RegioJet network offers countless other connections with transfers to most European countries. Choose.

Take a look at the entire route on the map

We look forward to having you aboard the RegioJet buses!