Discover the magic of Poland


Poland is near, its language is similar to Czech and Slovak, Poland offers good food and beverages, Poland is safe, Poland has reasonable prices, Poland is all new for many! We love Poland, and we will be pleased to take you there and back.

Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Lodz, and Wroclaw - these 5 destinations in Poland are connected with the Czech Republic and Slovakia by yellow RegioJet bus and train lines. Travel with us – to Krakow and Katowice from CZK 250, to Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw from CZK 290.

Tickets to all other cities and town in Poland can be purchased online, at RegioJet and STUDENT AGENCY points of sale, or at our authorized sellers.



To Warsaw on business and pleasure


The Polish metropolis - capital of Warsaw, a city with two million inhabitants, lies on the Visla River, and it is a relatively young city. It was nearly levelled to the ground after WWII, and it had to be reconstructed, at enormous costs – most historic building had to be rebuilt almost from scratch. Warsaw is a modern metropolis, and a cultural and economic centre. It consists of two parts, the Old Town and the modern Prag quarter. The most interesting Warsaw sights are the Royal Palace (Palac Krolewski), the seat of the Polish National Museum, Chateau Square (Plac Zamkowy) with the Column of Zikmund III Vasa, Neo-Gothic St John’s Cathedral, and the Palace of Culture and Science, the 234.5-metre-high building in the centre. There is also one of the oldest European ZOOs in Warsaw. There are incredible 5,000 animals on the area of 40 hectares, and you can buy something to eat and drink there, go by little train, and observe feeding animals with explanation. Warsaw has its unique magic and will definitely not be a disappointment. Almost all points of interest are within the walking distance. And if you need to go further, you can use the underground or buses on their regular routes.


Discover the magic of Kraków


Kraków is the most attractive and most often visited city in Poland. Its unique atmosphere is similar to Vienna or Venice, and it will certainly enchant you. The centre is full of sights, and it is not that large. The landmark of Kraków is the Wawel Hill with Royal Castle and the Cathedral of St Stanislas and Wenceslas. If you are not into history, you can go some shopping in quite a few little shops. You can also buy something to eat and drink in stands or go to restaurants serving local specialties, cafés, or chocolate shops. There is also the biggest shopping centre by and large in Kraków – Galeria Krakowska. You can find lots of shops, brands, and favourable prices with quite a few attractive sales there.


To the mining history of Katowice


Katowice – the city where historic sights and modern buildings form an interesting mixture. You should see at least some of them: Dworzec Glówny main railway station, Rynek – central square, and the centre of Katowice, the Silesian Museum (Muzeum Śląskie), or the Katowice Cathedral. Those willing to do some shopping should head to the Galeria Katowicka department store.


Shoot films and photos in Lodz


Lodz is known as "Polish Manchester" and the "City of Four Cultures", It used to be the world centre of textile industries, and the Poles, Russians, Germans, and Jews lived there side by side. Lodz still has a non-traditional atmosphere, and it is known for beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. You should not miss the luxury Piotrkowska Street that is about 4.5 km long, and it is full of nice shop windows, bars, and cafés. Lodz is also a significant centre of culture. The Film School has its headquarters here - it was the place where directors like Andrzej Wajda or Roman Polanski studied. There are also lots of theatres and museums in the city, e.g. the Museum of Modern Art, film museum, ethnographic museum, the Museum of City History, or Textile Museum. You  can also go to the yearly International Festival of Photography (Fotofestiwal). And sure touch the nose of poet Julian Tuwim’s bronze sculpture, sitting on a bench at Piotrkowska Street as it is a sure-fire way to good luck!


A sightseeing cruise around Wroclaw


Wroclaw is a beautiful city in Poland, full of historic sights and vast parks. One of the best ways of getting to known the place, and an unforgettable experience at the same time is a cruise on the Odra River. You can expect the sound of water and wind, feel how near the nature is, and enjoy unusual panoramas of the city. Cruise routes lead through the historical centre, under the nicest bridges of Wroclaw, and the cruises take app. two hours. You can get off at any of the stops, and go to the National Museum, Wroclaw University, Tumski Island (Ostrów Tumski), or the zoo. And if you want to see Wroclaw from the birds’ eye view, just climb the church tower and have a look from one of the terraces.



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