More flexible changing terms and conditions of your coach lines to Europe

zena-rezervace-listkov-onlinaWe have simplified the terms and conditions of cancellation, change of name/date/destination for tickets to all European destinations and made more favourable. If you need, you can do necessary changes of your RegioJet coach ticket in a more flexible manner.

New terms and conditions for changing your international line ticket

  • shortening the time frame for changing from the original 12 hours to 6 hours (selected destinations, e.g. London, Amsterdam, Oslo, etc.) or to 1 hour (Germany)
  • re-launching the possibility to rebook on international lines (excl. lines between the Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • free rebooking on selected lines
  • cancellation of a ticket for free, or for a fee of 10% or 25%, depending on the actual route on the ticket

Details about your favourite destination can be found in the price lists.