Services on board of RegioJet IC trains

We offer passengers the chance to travel in the highest standard of comfort on board of all IC category trains. Try to travel in one of four tariffs: Low cost, Standard, Relax, or Business. Special compartments like Quiet compartment, Compartment for children, and Astra - Quiet zone cars and Sleeping cars are also available. All cars are equipped with comfortable and adjustable seats.
There are friendly and smiling stewards/stewardesses ready to help and go the extra mile in any circumstances on board of all RegioJet trains. Service on board of yellow trains is also outstanding. In tariffs Standard, Relax and Business each passenger is offered dailies and magazines, Illy coffee or mint tea as well as bottled water for free. Clients can borrow headphones and connect to the entertainment portal for free - tens of films, series or e-books and games are prepared there. WiFi is also available on board of trains.
Relax, have fun or work - in is easy on board of luxury RegioJet trains!

We offer

  • no catering (no possibility of purchasing snacks/drinks from on-board menu)
  • guarantee of lowest price
  • non-adjustable plush seats
  • open space

Free for you

  • Rajec bottled water
  • newspapers and magazines
  • entertainment portal
  • WiFi
  • Žlutý (Yellow) magazine
  • free parking in Czech Republic
  • bicycle transport (prior reservation required)

We offer

  • adjustable leather and plush seats with headrests
  • compartment for 6 people
  • possibility to choose a compartment for children 
  • possibility to choose a quiet compartment 
  • possibility to choose an Astra - Quiet zone car with multimedia screens
  • 230V socket

Free for you

When boarding:

  • dailies and magazines
  • Rajec bottled water
  • Žlutý (Yellow) magazine
  • entertainment portal
  • headphones to borrow


During the road:*

  • Italian Illy coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino)


 From the trolley:**

  • 100% apple must/juice 
  • coffee Americano 
  • fresh mint tea 


At the railway station:

*The service interval is adjusted to the occupancy of the car.

**Serving after departing from Prague, Ostrava (direction: Prague), Brno and Kysak. The service interval is adjusted to the occupancy of the car.

We offer

  • open space
  • possibility of an individual seat
  • leather seats
  • 230V socket
  • order from the on-board menu from the start of the trip
  • large tables for work and fun

Free for you

  • dailies and magazines
  • Rajec bottled water
  • Italian Illy coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino)
  • coffee Americano 
  • fresh mint tea 
  • Žlutý (Yellow) magazine
  • entertainment portal
  • headphones to borrow
  • free parking

Only for passengers travelling from Prague, Ostrava, or Košice (Kysak - direction to Prague)

We offer

  • compartment for only 4 people - large space
  • 230V socket for each seat
  • leather seats
  • adjustable seats and headrests
  • tables for each seat
  • order from the on-board menu from the start of the trip
  • opportunity to choose a quiet compartment 

Free for you

  • economic newspapers and magazines
  • Rajec bottled water
  • Italian Illy coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino)
  • Oxalis teas
  • 100% orange juice with pulp
  • fresh mint tea 
  • Žlutý (Yellow) magazine
  • entertainment portal
  • headphones to borrow
  • free parking

Only for passengers travelling from Prague, Ostrava, or Košice (Kysak - direction to Prague)


We have launched a quiet zone in Astra cars where service is done mainly using a cart, which is similar to airplanes. You can order anything that is packaged, can be served quickly, and does not require serving on special dishes from the menu. This covers the vast majority of the offer, excluding cakes.

French press coffee, apple must/juice, and mint tea are also available free of charge. You can also buy various refreshments from the menu by ordering them from our stewards/stewardesses, for example popular croissants with a filling, packaged salads, or little snacks (Haribo, Jerky dried meat, etc.). Passengers also get daily newspapers and Internet connection for free. They can watch tens of films on their screens, listen to music, play games, or read magazines. Headphones are available from the crew.

Service on board of RegioJet trains is unique in its scope and intensity, and is unprecedented on European rails. Stewards/Stewardesses serve over a thousand hot and cold beverages for free, and sell several hundreds of sweet and salty refreshments on an average line. We would like our passengers to rely on the service, and we want its scope to be on such a level that it can be guaranteed to all 80 passengers without disturbing and complications.

The new kind of service allows passengers to use the multimedia entertainment system without any hassle so that they can enjoy their privacy without being disturbed by the crew.

What makes the ASTRA - Quiet zone technologically special?

This kind of car is a design car where wood, glass, and stainless steel combine in an impressive way. It was created in collaboration with the Clagi-Coplass interior studio, and architect Patrik Kotas. The price of one car exceeded a million euros - RegioJet purchased ten of them.
ASTRA cars are tailor-made by ASTRA Vagoane Călători of Romania with the type marking of Bpmz 20-90.
The max. speed of ASTRAS is set at 200 kmph. The car with the length of 26.4 m and width of 2.825 m is designed for up to 80 passengers.
ASTRA is the most modern car with LCD screen with a multimedia system built into the back of seats. Therefore you can freely enjoy up to 50 various films, a huge number of books and magazines, music, games, etc. Headphones are to be borrowed from the crew for free.

Are you travelling with children from 2 to 6 years of age? They will certainly fall in love with the compartment for children with funny pictures, toys, and a screen with popular fairy-tales. It is a compartment interconnected into a large space with six seats for adults and taborets for children. While parents are having a rest over coffee, children can have fun with colouring books, books, toys or watching films and programmes for children.

The compartment for children is easily recognizable in the booking system thanks to the symbol marking it. 

Important note: The compartment is primarily to be used by client s with a booking. If the compartment capacity is not fully used, or the clients from the compartment agree, other children with a booking elsewhere in the car can also come to the compartment. The crew is not responsible for the children, parents have to be present there. Thank you for following this rule.detske_kupe

In the booking system, a seat in the compartment for children can be booked in the Standard tariff under numbers of 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66.

We would like to thank our partners for making the compartment for children an even nicer place.

Do you need to have a rest during the journey? Are you tired? Make use of the Quiet compartment services. There is a restriction on the use of devices that can disturb other passengers (mobile phones, listening to loud music, watching films, etc.), and it is not suitable for minors under 15. You can choose the compartment in the Business (seats 1-4) and Standard (seats 1-6) tariffs.


The compartment is marked by an icon in the booking system.

The journey from Prague to Košice has never been more comfortable! Save your time and energy, and get a real sleep on board of our trains. Need privacy? Book the whole compartment in the beds part only for yourself. Or book places in the couchettes part for up to six passengers. Travelling in the sleeping car starts at CZK 375.

Travel in the sleeping car can be purchased if your journey is longer than app. 5 hours.

The booking system uses the following icon for such cars:

Sleeping cars

  • Comfortable compartments adjusted for sitting and sleeping during the journey
  • Max. for 3 passengers: 3 seats and 3 beds
  • Enjoy your privacy: possibility to book the whole compartment only for one or two passengers
  • For your comfort, bedlinen, pillows, and blanket are prepared in the compartment
  • Free breakfast: coffee, Rajec water, orange juice with pulp, breakfast set
  • Sweet freebie

Couchette cars

  • Compartment for up to 6 passengers
  • Linen, pillows, blankets in the compartment
  • Free breakfast: coffee, Rajec water, and fresh croissant

What you get in sleeping cars:

  • FREE breakfast
  • Security service
  • Wake-up service - let stewards know if and when you want to be woken up
  • It is possible to purchase a hygienic package (wet napkins, dental set, cosmetic set, soap, comb, earplugs, sleeping mask, handkerchiefs) - CZK 80
  • It is possible to purchase a security lock on luggage - CZK 30

Check our Guide through the sleeping cars service and look at the night rules and service on night lines.

How our sleepers differ from the competition

What makes couchettes and beds on rails different? The main difference is in the number of beds in a compartment, and in the quality of linen. The bed construction is the same. To make for greater privacy, we turned these couchette cars into bed cars so that three couchettes could be permanently unfolded to make a bed. Beds on one side are prepared for sleeping, couchettes on the other side are in a sitting position.

This solution bears a clear advantage over bed cars that you know from our competitors. The passenger is not dependent on his/her fellow passengers, and he/she can freely decide if he/she wants to sit or lie down - he/she can use two independent places. Therefore such a compartment for 3 people is bigger than a standard compartment for 3 people in usual sleeping cars used by the competition. However, it is necessary to point out the fact that our compartments are without a basin or shower - there are toilets and washrooms with washbasins at each end of the car. The compartments are for both men and women (mixed).

Impotant note:

  • Passengers are not allowed to harass fellow passengers in the compartment and in the whole car.
  • Animals/pet cannot be transported in sleeping car even if they are in secluded baskets.
  • The forms or harassment include (according to the law): noise, heavy drinking (of alcohol), odour...

Connect to our "Regiojet - zluty" Wi-Fi network, enter to your browser, and have fun!

The entertainment portal allows you to watch tens of various films in Czech and English, listen to music of various genres, read books, magazines, and newspapers, watch the news, or play games. What is needed is just a laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone, and nothing can stop you.

The portal also offers a wide choice of videolectures, audiobooks, National Geographic programmes, and a lot of interesting information. 

The portal is accessible only on board of our trains.


Do you not have your own device with you? Book a seat in Astra :)

Leave all electronics at home and travel in our new Astra car - there is a multimedia screen built into the seat in front of you and you can use the entertainment portal on it. Each passenger has his/her own screen which does not have to be shared. And you can borrow headphones for free from the steward/ess.

Nadčasový interiér vozu


We kindly ask all passengers not to disturb others during watching films or listening to music - headphones should be used.
Headphones can be borrowed for free from our stewards and stewardesses. Thank you.

There is a new update available every month. Travel with us and enjoy the journey.


adventures, comedies, for children, documents


rock, pop, CZ, SK, international, classical....


detective stories, for children, audiobooks, for women....


for gaming on the spot

news on board - economy, sport, finance, culture

We also welcome those who find travelling quite complicated on board of our trains. All our route train sets have mobile platforms for getting on and off installed to make moving of handicapped people on wheelchairs possible. If necessary, we use mobile platforms in cooperation with ČD and ŽSR as most stations where our trains stop are equipped by them.



Cars equipped with a ramp are marked by the following symbol in the booking system:

We recommend passengers to choose seats 61 or 66 in the car as they are nearest the ramp and the compartment door. Due to technical reasons, we can transport only passengers on wheelchairs with the width up to 60 cm and total weight incl. client up to 300 kg.

Transport of immobile passengers cannot be ensured at the following stops: Ostrava Main, Čadca, Vrútky, Martin, Liptovský Mikuláš, Ružomberok, Štrba, Spišská Nová Ves, Kysak and Margecany. Our ramps cannot be used, and external platforms cannot be ordered at these stops.

Transport of immobile passengers to train stops Hodonín, Zaječí, Moravský Písek, Otrokovice, Hulín, Česká Třebová and Staré Město u U. H. is possible upon prior agreement. SŽDC does not guarantee nour trains to arrive to the platform with the sufficient height for the use of mobile platform. Reservations are therefore required at least 48 hours before traveling via email

Ordering transport is easy

You can order the ramp or mobile platform and crew assistance in advance via email

  • If you are purchasing a ticket at our point of sale, the agent will order the platform or ramp for you
  • You can also contact our 24/7 infoline +420 841 101 101 and order the platform or ramp
  • The platform or ramp has to be ordered min. 24 hours before the train departure (ramp on board of our trains), external platforms (see the section below) have to be ordered min. 48 hours before the train departure

At stations where the platform height makes using our ramp impossible (Hranice na Moravě, Havířov, Brno Main), the platform is ensured externally. Therefore we will confirm the order by phone. The transport can be ordered max. 48 hours before the train departure at the latest.

We would like to point out that we operate standard express train cars that are not low-floor and moving on board is limited.

How transport of immobile passengers is performed

  • Just like in the case of other passengers, you need to book a ticket for a RegioJet train - with a big discount for passengers with a ZTP card (card for immobile passengers) at that.
  • Order a platform or ramp for safe embarking and disembarking - online, by phone, or at a point of sale.
  • Arrive for the departure of your train according to timetable.
  • The crew will prepare the ramp(at stations where that is possible), or will secure an external platform for safe and comfortable embarking. The RegioJet crew will assist you.
  • The crew will also assist you during getting to your seat.
  • Getting off at the destination is performed in a similar manner.

Taxi in Prague

Do you need to travel through Prague in comfort and safely? We can offer you a fair taxi service with top services. Choose a luxury ride in AUDI A6 cars of the TICK TACK brand, or be environment-conscious and get a ride in Škoda Octavia ECO cars with the GREEN-PRAGUE label. Our fleets are equipped with Internet connection, board terminal, and tablets for passengers. Get more information on our website. If you want to order a taxi after arriving to Prague, contact our RegioJet crew, or download our app.

Parking at railway stations for FREE

For passengers who want to arrive to the train at Ostrava-Svinov, Zábřeh, Olomouc, and Česká Třebová comfortably by car, and park there until they return, RegioJet has a special offer of FREE parking.  Come to the station by car, park it for fee, and enjoy a comfortable journey by a RegioJet train. You can effectively combine a comfortable journey right from your home or work with a journey by train that can be used for work, relax, or other activities without the need to focus on tiresome driving for long hours. More information on our website.

Great discounts with RegioJet tickets

Enjoy your time with us! A RegioJet ticket can gain you discounted entry to lots of attractions, outdoor activities, cinemas, museums, discounted accommodation, and much more. Activities discounted by 10 - 50% are to be found on the RegioJet routes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Rules for ordering discounted services are available at the selected service. Enjoy unusual experiences when travelling with us.

Public transport tickets for Prague, Ostrava, and Olomouc

Purchase ticket for public transport right from the crew. Tickets are transferable and can be use at any days and times. Stewards/stewardesses can sell you individual or time-limited tickets for Prague integrated transport and city transport. For those travelling to Ostrava and Olomouc, we offer selling tickets for public transport also right on the board of RegioJet IC trains.

DB tickets to Germany and the whole Europe

As an authorized seller of Deutsche Bahn (DB) tickets, we can offer you favourably priced train tickets, not only from towns and cities in the Czech Republic to Germany, but also for comfortable travelling around Europe. Attractive prices of Europa Special to Germany and neighbouring countries start at 19 euros. DB tickets allow you to visit quite a few cities and less known places, and use the most modern German ICE trains, including high-speed trains like TGV or Eurostar. DB ticket can be purchased at selected RegioJet and STUDENT AGENCY branches. They can also be ordered online here.

Airport Express

Are you leaving for a business trip or on pleasure from the Václav Havel Prague Airport? Save costs for the journey to Prague and parking, and use a RegioJet train with a connected Airport Express bus service. The Airport Express bus connects Prague Main Railway Station with the airport (Terminals 1 and 2) every hour. The Airport Express bus stand is located on the Wilsonova Street, right in front of the historical Fanta building. A favourably priced RegioJet + Prague Airport ticket can be purchased online in the booking system at, at RegioJet and STUDENT AGENCY points of sale, and at authorized agents. Just choose the Prague - Václav Havel Airport as the starting point or the destination.

Transport your bike on RegioJet trains for FREE!

Book your bycicle transport as an additional service to your RegioJet train ticket. Bycicle transportation is permitted on trains that include Low cost car. Bicycles can only be transported on prior reservation and until the capacity in the car is exhausted. In each Low cost car, there is a possibility of booking a maximum of 3 bicycles. The bike needs to be placed on a rack that is located at the beginning or at the end of the car - it is necessary to monitor the car's position in the reservation system. Bicycle stands are marked with a "bycicle" symbol.