New service from Prague to Passau, via Příbram and Strakonice

On RegioJet buses to Passau

A new service Prague–Příbram–Strakonice–Vimperk–Strážný–Freyung–Passau/back is going to be launched on Monday 12th June, with the first bus departing at 8:00 from Prague.

What you can expect

  • We will transport you to Passau and back every day. The buses go from Prague once a day, and back from Passau once a day – always one morning and one afternoon bus.
  • The total duration of the journey Prague-Passau is slightly below 4 hours.
  • We depart from Prague from Smíchov stop Na Knížecí, going on to Příbram, Strakonice, Vimperk, Strážné, and to Freyung and Passau in Germany.
  • Domestic transport between Czech towns and cities is permitted on the route (with the exception of transport between Prague and Příbram).

More information and a few practical details

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Enjoy our yellow service

Start your journey having fun already on our buses! You can expect above-standard service – touchscreens in every seat for individual entertainment (watching films or series, the possibility to play electronic games or to listen to music); hot drinks, newspapers and magazines waiting for you free of charge, other refreshments can be bought; electricity network 230 V outlet; modern air-conditioned environment and comfortable leather seats with a tray table; and, of course, a toilet. Pleasant and helpful staff will take care of your comfort throughout the journey.

FREE Wi-FiStewardessHot drinksCold drinksTouchscreenDaily PressSocket 230 VAir ConditioningHeadphones to borrowGamesMoviesMusicE-Books

What to see and do in Passau

  • The 'three-colour' cruise – don't miss the unique experience of going on a cruise on the rivers which come together in Passau – the blue Danube, black Inn, and green Ilz.
  • Passau fortress – a breathtaking view of the whole of Passau, museum, and galleries. That is what expects you if you visit this landmark of the city.
  • Passau dolt – what is “der Passauer Tölpel”? Can you find it in the alleys near Domplatz Square?

What to see and do in Strakonice

  • Strakonice Castle – be the lady or lord of the manor for a while and walk though the chambers of the medieval castle. Go up the Rumpál tower, or down to the 'black kitchen' to have a look at a little something to eat.
  • Dudák Brewery – come and see us – we have prepared a guided tour with unfiltered beer tasting directly from lagering tanks for you.
  • Muzeum historie ČZ a. s. ( ČZ a. s. History Museum) – both little and big boys will get a slice of the action in the exhibitions of motorcycles, bicycles, and weapons which were produced here.

Have a look at the complete route of the service on a map