Relaxing trip to Croatia by RegioJet train

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Choose the one that suits you best from the ticket offer. You can enjoy sleep and comfort in bed, as well as fun while traveling in the Astra train car. Ticket prices include a seat guarantee and all RegioJet on-board services – including free coffee.

Seating in an Astra train car or coupe

Astra train

price from 22 eur

Place in the STANDARD bed compartment

STANDARD bed compartment

price from 30 eur

Ticket to Rijeka + transfer ticket

Ticket to Rijeka + transfer ticket

price from 29 eur*

* Dear passengers, if you plan to use RegioJet connecting buses in Croatia, it is necessary to buy a ticket for them at the same time as buying a train ticket. It is not possible to purchase an additional ticket for the connecting bus, or to purchase a separate ticket only for the connecting bus.



Get on the train in the evening and be at the beach in the morning.


The best prices for everyone. The trip to Croatia has never been so accessible.



Book your ticket for 22 € (seat) or 30 € (bed). Are you travelling as a family? Use our discount offer 3+1 gratis and book a family coupe for 90 €.


You don't have to book from Saturday to Saturday, our train departs every day and the accommodation providers in Croatia know it! Visit the websites ,,,


The only thing letf to get the insurance. It is not mandatory for EU citizens, but we still recommend it.
Get insured for your trip via

Where can you board the RegioJet train to Croatia?

From June 30 to July 10 and from September 1 to September 25 trains depart 3 times a week (always on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from the Czech Republic to Rijeka, Croatia), from July 11 to August 31 depart trains from Czech Republic to Rijeka every day. Ideal for your holiday, whether it lasts a week, two, ten days or just an extended weekend.

Praha - Rijeka by RegioJet train

Rijeka - Praha by RegioJet train


Up to 31 holiday destinations on the Croatian Riviera


By train and additional bus from Rijeka, you can get to the 30 best destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast. From Istria to Makarska. RegioJet will transport you everywhere comfortably and at the best prices!


Warning: If you plan to use RegioJet connecting buses in Croatia, it is necessary to buy a ticket for them at the same time as buying a train ticket. It is not possible to purchase an additional ticket for the connecting bus, or to purchase a separate ticket only for the connecting bus.

The journey to Croatia

Connecting bus from Rijeka to your holiday destination

BUS 1    Rijeka ⇒ Opatija ⇒ Rabac ⇒ Medulin ⇒ Pula

BUS 2    Rijeka ⇒ Rovinj ⇒ Poreč ⇒ Novigrad ⇒ Umag

BUS 3    Rijeka ⇒ Malinska ⇒ Šilo ⇒ Vrbnik ⇒ Baška ⇒ Krk

BUS 4    Rijeka ⇒ Crikvenica ⇒ Novi Vinodolski ⇒ Zadar ⇒ Sukošan ⇒ Biograd ⇒ Pakoštane ⇒ Vodice

BUS 5    Rijeka ⇒ Šibenik ⇒ Primošten ⇒ Trogir ⇒ Split

BUS 6    Rijeka ⇒ Omiš ⇒ Brela ⇒ Baška Voda ⇒ Makarska ⇒ Podgora ⇒ Podaca ⇒ Gradac


Dear passengers:

  • Before the trip, please get acquainted with the rules for entering Croatian territory and fill in the electronic form. After sending it, you will receive a confirmation of registration by e-mail. Please take this confirmation with you, it can be requested at the border check. Before the trip, it is necessary to have accommodation secured and to bring a booking confirmation/voucher.
  • Following the safety measures in the individual states, we draw your attention to the obligation to wear a face mask during your journey by trains and buses. Please do not forget the appropriate number of face masks for the whole journey there and back.
  • It is not possible to transport animals by RegioJet trains and connecting buses to / from Croatia. This does not apply to service dogs.
  • Detailed information regarding the transport of animals, luggage and the possibility of transporting bicycles and prams can be found in the Contractual Conditions Of Carriage.
  • If the destination in Croatia is included among the destinations from which the COVID-19 test or qarantine is required upon return, RegioJet will offer the option of free cancellation and refund.

Do you need advice?

You can write to us by e-mail: to solve your questions and information about your tickets.

Your holiday in Croatia starts already with RegioJet train experience

In the evening you start your journey with Regiojet, enjoying the comfort of the road that will not stress you, and in the morning you will wake up to the view of the sea. You do not have to drive, you will not wait iat the border, you can have fun with friends, have a beer and another drink during the trip and arrive rested in your holiday destination in Croatia.

  1. Before the trip, you choose and order refreshments

We want you to really enjoy the trip. Before the trip, you will be able to easily order snacks from our menu via our website. We will prepare it for you and distribute it after leaving your boarding station. Drinks - such as beer, wine or soft drinks - you will then be able to order during the trip and other small snacks.

Pohodova cesta vlakom RegioJet

  1. Get on the train on your preferred train stop

In the early evening, you can comfortably board a RegioJet train in Prague, Pardubice, Brno or Břeclav or Bratislava. If you are traveling from Ostrava or other places, you can easily use RegioJet train or bus connections to Prague or Brno.

Nástup do vlaku RegioJet

  1. Places for an individual or a group of friends or family

If you are traveling with a family or a group of friends - you will travel most comfortably together in a bed compartment for groups, which is only for 1-4 passengers and in addition with large luggage compartments. Or choose a coupe with seats where you will have plenty of privacy and space. Along the way, you can have unlimited fun, such as playing cards and being together throughout the ride without being disturbed by anyone.

If you are traveling in pairs or alone, you can also enjoy the ride either in a sleeping compartment or in a comfortable seat with an individual screen in front of you in the Astra train car.

Cestujte s rodinou vlakem RegioJet

  1. Movies, entertainment, free internet for you

Dozens of movies, audio-visual screens in the seats or an entertainment portal. All this is available during the trip, and even if you can't sleep, the trip will pass quickly. Of course there is also a free internet connection.

RegioJet trains offer you the most opportunities to spend time on your way to your holiday in Croatia.

Zábavní portál ve vlaku RegioJet

  1. On-board Cafe with free Illy coffee

During the trip you can visit our On-board Cafe with Illy coffee and other snacks.

There will be a cappuccino, latte or great espresso on the menu - of course for free, and for just CZK 10, you can get great favorite cakes or other delicious snacks.

Občerstvení ve vlaku RegioJet

  1. Alarm clock, breakfast and hurray to the beach

We will wake you up in time in the morning and offer coffee with a small breakfast.

Then you will be greeted by the golden sunny Adriatic and the endless well-being of your holiday in Croatia.

On the way back, our smiling staff will be looking forward to seeing you again, who will take care of you again on board the RegioJet train on the way back.

Servis ve vlaku RegioJet

Relax during the trip in sleeping train cars


Lužkové vozy RegioJet

Pohodové cestování lůžkovými vozy RegioJet

Lôžkové vozne RegioJet


Have fun in modern ASTRA train cars


Vůz ASTRA ve vlaku RegioJet

Zábavní portál ve vlaku RegioJet

Servis ve vlaku RegioJet

Cestování ve vozech ASTRA

Zábavní portál ve vlaku RegioJet



Experience a relaxing journey in the Standard Coupe


Cestujte s rodinou vlakem RegioJet

Kupé STANDARD ve vlaku RegioJet

Vlakem RegioJet s celou rodinou do Chorvatska

Enjoy your trip to the most!