Cookie usage policy

Our cookie usage policy

You will automatically get one cookie file (or more of them) to your computer during your visit on the RegioJet website. They are used mainly for increasing your comfort and optimization of providing services by us.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing a negligible amount of information (letters and digits), and they are stores into your computer upon visiting a given website. They are useful as they enable websites to recognize a web browser of a device used by the given user.

How does RegioJet use cookies?

The RegioJet company websites use cookies set by us or third parties (entities that we are in contractual relation with). The sp-called session and permanent files are used. Session cookies are cookies that are deleted after the session permanently. Permanent cookies are stored in your computer until they expire (max. 2 years) or until they are deleted from the computer. The files enable our company to recognize a repeated visit to the website.

Types of cookies used on the RegioJet website



These cookies allow monitoring of anonymous user data (e.g. clicking trends) and ensure that the website is fully functional for all of its users in the long term.



Using the AdSense service the RegioJet website tries to show you advertising which is relevant for you. This type of advertising provided by Google uses your behaviour on the Internet (only anonymous statistical data, not personal information). External advertisers may also use cookies only to show you advertising which is relevant for you.




These cookies are used to understand how visitors of our website use it and how they access it. This way it can be optimized in terms of user needs, to be as user friendly as possible.




These cookies are important for the functioning of the website and for improving user experience. They will help us remember your preferences to make your every other visit more comfortable and your searching easier.



Essential cookies are used for correct functioning of the website – this way the website remembers your preferences and other information, thanks to which you do not have to provide it again.

Disagreement and removal of cookies

In case you wish to reject or remove all cookies, you can do it in your browser. Rejecting cookies will, however, have negative impact on the usability of our website as well as all other websites. For your user comfort we recommend you to accept cookies when visiting our website.

If you are interested in more information about the cookies we are using, please contact us on the following e-mail address: