How it all began

The history of STUDENT AGENCY began in 1993. Mr Radim Jančura was a go-getting student of the Brno University of Technology then, and he founded an agency mediating au-pair stays for students from the Czech Republic. Hard word and determination earned ever more clients, and the year of 1996 saw the establishment of Mr. Radim Jančura's STUDENT AGENCY. First employees were also hired that year.

The company acquired new clients and built its position on the market, and it also enhanced the scope of its activities. The STUDENT AGENCY group focuses on a wide portfolio of services now - we are a leading seller of flight tickets and package holidays, and also the largest agency selling language and work stays abroad. Moreover, we are the most successful private bus and train operating company. Our company philosophy is to provide customers with the best possible services at great prices.

We began to use the RegioJet market brand for our bus fleet in spring 2016. This step allowed us to unite our bus and train network under one umbrella name as we are planning further development in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also abroad. The RegioJet transport network has a potential to transport 15 to 20 million passengers in the upcoming years.


The RegioJet market brand is used for the domestic and international bus transport. We offer favourably priced routes to tens of towns and cities in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia, and also in Europe. Our buses rank among the most modern ones on the market, and going in them is absolutely comfortable. Our yellow lines have changed the Czech and Slovak stance towards travelling by bus. Yellow buses have attracted millions of satisfied and loyal passengers thanks to low ticket prices and services of the highest standard (with some extras on top) on board. Clients get chosen hot beverages and daily newspapers for free, and free Wi-Fi is also available. Buses in the FUN & RELAX style offer an entertainment portal for watching films, listening to music, reading e-books, or playing games.

Since 2004, STUDENT AGENCY has been operating as a carrier on domestic lines in the Czech Republic. Yellow buses first set off on the Prague – Brno route in January 2004, and other routes followed in the following years. Yellow buses interconnect Prague and Brno with tens of towns and cities in the Czech Republic. Luxury yellow buses operate international lines as well – they currently go to 14 European countries, e.g. to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Hungary. Yellow lines offer not only transport to centres of European cities, but also attractive connections to airports in countries neighbouring with the Czech Republic (e.g. Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, and Frankfurt). The fact that yellow lines are very popular can be proven by numbers of passengers. In the period between 2004 and 2014 – so during the first ten years of offering this service – our buses transported over 34 million passengers and covered approximately 182.7 million kilometres. And numbers of passengers are growing year by year.


Similarly to yellow buses on roads, yellow RegioJet train brought about a revolution on rails. RegioJet trains provide regular railway transport on routes in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. We offer passengers the highest possible comfort and proclient service on board, and also tickets at the most favourable prices.

The Czech company called RegioJet was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of STUDENT AGENCY. Since 2011, RegioJet has been a company operating regular passenger railway transport on the Prague – Ostrava – Žilina - Košice route. Since December 2015, RegioJet has been operating also on the Prague – Olomouc – Přerov route, with a follow-up bus connection to Zlín and Otrokovice.

Since 2012, RegioJet sister company with the headquarters in Bratislava has been operating domestic railway transport on the Bratislava – Dunajská Streda – Komárno route. it is a service operated on the basis of an order by the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic.

RegioJet is planning launching even more routes, and the company is prepared to take part in procurement procedures on operating domestic routes in public interest (i.e. state-supported routes) both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

RegioJet maintains very high standard of services provided on board of trains – clients can enjoy luxury a comfortable train sets, superb steward service, and chosen beverages, newspapers, and magazines for free. As a matter of course, Wi-Fi and connection to the entertainment portal with hundreds of films, series, and songs are also available on board of yellow trains.